Findus Latina


Client : Findus

Group : Nomad Foods

Site : Cisterna di Latina, Italy

Category : Frozen food

Technology : Trigeneration

Size : 5.5 MW

Contract : Power Purchase Agreement

European biggest player in frozen food market chose Grastim for on-site power generation in its production sites in Italy and UK.  Cisterna plant is owned and operated by Grastim since May 2008 under a power purchase agreement. Initially it was based on 5,5 MW gas turbine and a double stage absorption chiller (water-lithium bromide) producing chilled water (7°-12°C) for air conditioning of production areas, and for gas turbine combustion air cooling. On 2013 plant was subject to a significant evolution: an ammonia absorption refrigeration plant of 1 MW was installed to increase overall efficiency of the system when running in low production hours (weekend).