Kraft-Heinz Latina


Client : Plasmon

Group : Kraft Heinz Company

Site : Latina, Italia

Category : Food

Technology : Cogeneration

Size : 2,7 MW

Contract : Turn Key + Full Service + Operation

Grastim on 2017 started the first collaboration within Kraft-Heinz Group with a cogeneration Plant for the Plasmon site of Latina. The Plant is based on a reciprocating gas engine of 2,7 MW, its exhaust gases feed a heat recovery steam generator to produce 1.200 kg/h of steam at 8 barg while engine cooling systems allow for an additional heat recovery of 1.400 kW as hot water at 90°C. The installation is based on a Turn Key contract followed by a Full Service and Operation contract in which Grastim handle all activities associated with operation and maintenance of the Plant, optimizing its energy performances over time.